New instructors share their vision and passion for taking otLIVE to schools…


Nelisiwe Zodwa Gomba is a pastor in a church that has five branches in South Africa.

“This otLIVE training is very important to me as an elderly person, because we see the younger generation moving away from the Bible. So this training is bringing back what God intended us to pass on to our young people. I think that the schools will like otLIVE.

So otLIVE is also what I needed in my life. I feel it in my heart to bring back God in society, in schools, because even the educational system has phased out religion. Now children don’t know anything about God.

On Sunday, I welcomed about 24 children who came to church for the first time. New children. They came by themselves. I didn’t know how to share with them because sometimes when we talk to them, it’s above their heads. But with otLIVE, it’s going to be very easy, very transferable. Thank you so much.”


Freeman Ndlovu from Hillbrow wants to use the Bible to take children away from their phones!

“With otLIVE, I’m learning ways and skills to make teaching the Bible to kids more effective, more meaningful, more enjoyable. It also makes it easier for them to understand the Bible.

I believe the otLIVE hand signs and the interactions are very good because we learn through actions. We learn through seeing, and we learn through doing things. With otLIVE, they’re able to participate in the lesson, so they’ll remember it much better.

There is a need to teach kids more about the Bible because nowadays there are many distractions from their phones, games and social media. They have less time to actually even read a normal physical Bible. So, otLIVE will teach them the Bible in a different way.”


Mpho Caroline Motiana from Hammanskraal wants to become a Sunday school teacher for her church

“The otLIVE training was wonderful. I learned many things about how to teach children and how to treat them. Like how to use hand signs to teach the Bible. Those things have helped us to grow.

There was such a passion at the training that we felt welcome here as if we were at home. It was like we already knew each other and we knew that we would hear the truth spoken honestly.

I felt that God just chose us for otLIVE even though we did not know what was in the pot for us. I’m so grateful. I think he brought me here for a purpose.
Recently I asked my pastor if I can take over the Sunday school. I saw an opportunity with the children who are in church that aren’t concentrating and are making a noise. So I thought that if I can teach them, it will make a big difference.”


Doris Shingwe from Soshanguve wants to take otLIVE to many schools

“I think children need otLIVE because I’ve noticed that in schools, they no longer have religious education like we used to have. So the children, they don’t have any background about the way of God. That’s why they are mischievous and they no longer have a conscience because God is no longer in them. They don’t know anything about the Word. They know that there is God, but they don’t know how everything started. So the children will learn with otLIVE. The stories will make them interested in studying the Word of God because now they are more engaged in phones, games, Facebook and all those things.

otLIVE is good for them because kids become bored when it’s only reading without any action. It also helps them to focus because it is explained step by step with actions. And you can also add songs and poems. Physically, mentally and spiritually, the child is benefiting.

After this otLIVE, I want to go and knock on the door of many schools and say to the principals that I am here for otLIVE for the learners as well as the teachers. I am an ex-teacher and my past experience has prepared me to understand children. Through otLIVE I also gained an understanding of the Old Testament.”


Seabird Siziba from Hillbrow found that otLIVE inspired the children: “They really wanted to hear it!”

“I have already had the opportunity to teach otLIVE at a school and it was awesome. The children enjoyed it. The kids kept on getting closer and closer to me. They really wanted to hear it.

I think that the kids out there today need this otLIVE because most of them don’t know God. I believe that if they can understand that God loves them and God wants them to be better people in this life, this will help them to change their character and the way they behave.

A few of the children have Bible knowledge, but the majority don’t have any idea. I can tell this from the questions that they ask. If the schools give us enough time, I believe I can touch so many lives with otLIVE.”


Samuel Makhura from Soshanguve is studying to become a pastor

“Where I live, the Bible is seen as an outdated book for parents and adults. I think otLIVE has brought an approach that will appeal to the kids because, for kids, dramatization is more effective as they can hardly sit still for more than 30 minutes! If you give them a sermon, very quickly they’re looking for an excuse to move around because they are children.
So, because otLIVE involves movement and also the content of the Bible, this keeps them interested. I think the schools will welcome otLIVE and it is also meaningful for me personally. I finished my diploma in theology last year. So it has helped me to understand the whole scope of the Old Testament, so that I can share it with others. With understanding the Old Testament, it’ll be easy to explain the Cross. It’ll be easy to explain Jesus.”


Welcome Ndlovu from Hillbrow, has already taught otLIVE in some inner city schools

“The young people really loved otLIVE. But we believe now, after this training, we’re gonna do very well. We are so committed in going out there and implementing it with our Smart Choice contacts and our own members.”

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