– God is working as otLIVE is taught at schools in Malawi


Walk Thru the Bible Regional Trainer, Lynette Stander, reports on the lives that are being impacted as otLIVE is taught in Malawian schools…

We are so excited about what is happening with otLIVE in schools in Malawi. I had the privilege recently to spend time with otLIVE instructors in some of these schools – both to upskill and encourage them. What a joy to witness God at work…


Observing the excited participation of the children in otLIVE was a joy. Even more so was hearing some of their testimonies:

“otLIVE has helped me to know the love of God –  that he gives us time to repent and come back to him.”

“These otLIVE lessons at school that we do on the Bible have helped me to respect my aunt. At first, I was a troublesome girl, but now I am a changed girl and my aunt is my witness.


The testimony of parent 

“Our family is of another faith – and I therefore didn’t want my child to attend the classes on the Old Testament which are taught at the local school. A while later, I noticed such a change in my child and I remarked to her that I liked what I saw. My child replied: Mother, I did go to those Bible classes at school – and since then my life is different.”

I have noticed such a positive change in her that she now has my blessing to attend.”


The school teachers are growing spiritually too as result of otLIVE. Teachers have reported:

“otLIVE helps the children ask meaningful questions. They want to discover more about the Bible. It gets the children thinking about and discussing the Bible. It helps them develop a passion for the Word of God.”

“otLIVE is teaching the children the gospel in a way that they can understand. It is a wonderful evangelism tool!”

“Academically, we have noticed a real improvement in the children’s marks for Bible Knowledge.”


According to the principal of one of the schools:

“Since otLIVE has been taught here, we have really seen a change for the better in the behaviour of the children. In fact, attendance at school is much better on the days that otLIVE is taught!”

Many of the schools where otLIVE is taught are in areas that are predominantly of another faith, but the learners so enjoy and look forward to the otLIVE lessons. A few years ago at one such school, Gideon Bibles were brought to the school, but these were torn up. God however opened the door for otLIVE to be taught at this same school – and now recently when the Gideons again brought Bibles, there was a total change of heart. This time, the Bibles were given to the children, and they were allowed to read them.


The otLIVE instructors that teach in the Malawi schools are dedicated and enthusiastic. They also shared about how their own lives are changing as a result of teaching otLIVE:

“This is helping me to grow spiritually.” 

“I get to know the Bible better as I teach.”

“God created me to teach!”

More schools also want otLIVE

We were so encouraged to learn that there are new schools who are also wanting otLIVE, as they have heard about what is happening in schools where it is currently being taught. Plans are being made to train new instructors for this – as well as to train those who already teach otLIVE, to also teach ntLIVE (New Testament LIve). This is an excellent opportunity to reach children – especially now as Covid restrictions are significantly less.


May God continue to bless this ministry as the lives of children and teachers alike are impacted and changed.


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