otLIVE is taught in primary schools in Malawi, particularly in Standards 5 and 6, teaching the big picture of the Bible in a fun and interactive way.

This live event is transforming the lives of both learners and their teachers – by helping them to not only know the stories of the Bible, but also encounter God through His Word.

Hear from these learners about the impact of otLIVE on their lives…

“At first I was a troublesome child to my parents, but now my behaviour has changed. otLIVE has helped me to be obedient to both God and my parents.”

– Matthias, a Standard 5 learner.


The beaming face of another learner, Jacqueline, is evidence of a young person whose life has been changed as she has encountered God through otLIVE:

otLIVE has helped me to know the love of God and that He gives us time to repent and come back to Him”.

Teachers, too, are united in their view that the good news of God and His kingdom, brought by otLIVE, has had positive, practical implications…





 “otLIVE has brought a remarkable improvement in attendance on days when it is taught. Secondly, there is a decrease in cases of ill discipline at our school and learners are now following the school rules. Now there are also fewer cases of fighting and running away from classes.” 

~ Miss Chikhadwe, head teacher.
Another teacher, Taonga Sayini, shares:

“With the shortage of teachers’ resources, otLIVE has done great work in filling the gap and simplifying Bible knowledge as a subject. I just want to express my appreciation for the introduction of otLIVE at our school. The programme also assisted learners to behave and respect teachers.” 


And one teacher added: “We are asking that all classes should have otLIVE.” 


Praise God for this opportunity to plant the seeds of His Word in the lives of children in Malawi!


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