” I thank the God who reigns

for the fruit

that there still is

from this course”

I have used God’s Answer to Aids extensively in prison ministry over the years. We have always regarded this as ‘Rolls Royce Curriculum’ because of the amount of LifeChange we saw from this course, and it has been wonderful to observe God at Work! I have been SO encouraged to discover ‘Harvest Fruit’ still blossoming from this course and have been praising God for this. May this story be as much of an encouragement to you as it has been to me…
In 2008 I was doing God’s Answer to Aids in one of the prisons, working through all the pre-release guys so that their parole requirements were met. In one of the groups was John **. He sat right in front, attended every session, listened intently and never took his eyes off my face. When we did the Forgiveness Lesson, he came to me afterwards to ask if I would help him to find forgiveness in the Lord Jesus. Right there and then, putting his hand on his chest, he said, “You see Ma’am, there is much to forgive.” That day he accepted Christ as His Saviour, finished the course and went out into a hard world.
I have prayed for John since then, but we lost contact over the years. This year I have become more and more burdened for him and have been praying earnestly that the Lord would lead me to him.
In August, I received this SMS: ”Afternoon Mama, I hope you are well. I have beenlooking for you for a long time, it’s John, one of your kids from prison. Can we meet up? I’m so glad that I finally get the chance to chat with you. Remember you are theone who changed my life and I’m still a man of God.
Well we did meet up. He came with his wife and 4 year old daughter.We had a wonderful reunion. He is actively involved in a church fellowship; and meets up with other ex prisoners -sometimes also for Bible study. Johnis employed in a shop and trains security personnel. He has told me that when they were doing a security check on him, there was not even a record of his prison sentence!
I will continue to meet with John and his wife to disciple them. And I have been praising God for the work He has done in John’s life over these years. I thank the God who reigns for the fruit that there still is from God’s Answer to Aids!
(With thanks to Ruth for this story)
** Names van been changed to protect identities