– lessons from otLIVE for a group of children in Lesotho


A group of excited children from Maseru recently went on a fun interactive journey through the Old Testament with Walk Thru the Bible’s otLIVE event.

This was taught in Sotho with the help of an interpreter to an enthusiastic and excited bunch who went on an adventure through the Old Testament. 


                         Together they travelled from creation to Egypt…

                         Together they imagined wondering in the wilderness with the Children of Israel;

                         Imagined being thirsty and God providing water.

                         And together they imagined crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land.

                         Together they also learnt about Samson in the period of the judges

                         – with much fun being had as some tested their own  strength!  

The children learnt the big picture of the Old Testament – using fun hand signs as prompts and visual reminders of the main people, places and events.

Of special significance were the stories of how God had used and spoken to children.
God chose the youngest as king, the one left outside to look after the animals, (David). And during the time of mostly bad kings, one of the good kings was a boy of eight who brought back God’s Word (Josiah). What an encouragement for the children to learn how God told Jeremiah not to think of himself as too young!

 “God spoke to Samuel, a small boy – and God can speak to me too.” 

May this lesson be written on the hearts of these precious children.

For more information on otLIVE please click here.