Lockdown brought many ‘firsts’ for us all.

For Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa, this included our first online training of otLIVE instructors in Nigeria and India. What a privilege it was to partner with Walk Thru the Bible USA for these exciting events. We thank the Lord for technology that allows us to cross even closed borders!

As our South African trainer explains:

“There was such a wonderful energy that came from bringing together different teaching styles and cultures. How wonderful to see the passion and joy in the new Nigerian instructors – who were so creative in coming up with songs to help them remember the story and hand signs. Thank the Lord for Zoom which has opened up so many new opportunities.”


“These new otLIVE instructors are like wildfire going through the schools in Nigeria. They have all already taught many events, and otLIVE has been received with great excitement and enthusiasm.”