A recent chilly Saturday morning at Northcliff Union Church started with coffee and muffins, but soon gave way to bold hand signs and much laughter and fun during the otLIVE event which was presented by Pastor Gavin Wood. 114 people had gathered to learn the big picture of the Old Testament using creative memory techniques and hand signs. By all accounts it was time well spent…

It’s great to be able to go straight into my next Bible reading session and understand how it all fits together! This really motivated me to read the Bible more and I will keep going through the hand signs. I also enjoyed learning more about the Bible characters. otLIVE really awakened something in me – and I want to pass that onto my son and share that.

~ Gavin Harrison

This was a mind blowing presentation! The Old Testament made sense and by the end of it everyone was still engaged. Absolutely not boring!

                                                                                   ~ Trevor Coleman

We tend to shy away from the Old Testament, but otLIVE showed how it all fits together. It gave context and understanding to go and read it for myself! It was also interactive and fun and we laughed! My kids had a blast and this was well worthwhile for the whole family. We can’t wait for the New Testament Live Event!

~ Fabian Nell

otLIVE was fun! I really enjoyed the actions.

~ Sean Nell (age 10)

otLIVE was absolutely brilliant. I am 73 and being able to go through and understand the whole Old Testament was of tremendous value. I am excited about the Old Testament! The level to which everyone participates during the event was wonderful. This was time well spent!

~ Mr Maurice Adams (age 73)

Some participants haven’t had as much fun since doing the actions to songs like YMCA! This was a great event, with excellent benefits in understanding a few thousand years of Old Testament history.

~ Denise Tilbury

otLIVE helped me to bond with people at church that I had not had time to meet before!

~ Anonymous


otLIVE helped me to feel more at home at church. I felt even more that I was right where God wanted me!

~ Anonymous

If you would like to increase your congregation’s big picture understanding (and enthusiasm) for the Old Testament, perhaps consider hosting otLIVE in your church.

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