My name is Welcome Ndlovu and I have an amazing story…


I was born in 1985 in Bulowayo. The way I have seen the Hand of God in my life is amazing. My mom left me when I was 6 months old because of some quarrels with my dad. Until this day, I don’t know my mother. It has been a hectic journey – not knowing your mother who left under such circumstances.


But I thank God that my aunt is the one who looked after me as if I was one of her own. And she already had 7 of her own. She was struggling and sometimes we didn’t know what we would eat. There wasn’t enough food – but we learnt that God will provide! There wasn’t a single day that we slept without eating something.


My aunt also took me to school where I was able to do very well and grow into leadership, later becoming the head boy of my school. I was privileged to grow up in a Christian family. My aunt took me to churches that taught the pure undiluted Word of God and I accepted Jesus as the Saviour of my life when I was young. I have never turned back and have served in the church in various capacities. Currently, I am the Executive Director for SmartChoices South Africa Partners (a non-profit that focuses on health, social and Biblical issues) which is now in partnership with Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa. I also am a counsellor – especially for young people.


My mission is to help transform lives
I have a passion for young people and reaching them because they are the future. They are the ones with the energy to impart the Word of God to their peers. They are the ones with the capacity to change the world. My mission is to help young people, to empower them specifically with the Word of God, and see their lives transformed. I am honoured to reach out to young people. They are the elders and leaders of tomorrow. I want to leave a legacy – an inheritance that cannot be taken away.



otLIVE helps me to empower young people
I love that I get to teach otLIVE in schools. otLIVE has also changed me in so many ways. It has ignited a passion in me personally for reading God’s Word. And as I understand more about God and His Word, I am empowered to go out and reach young people and, in turn, empower them. It gives me a way to pass on my passion for the Word of God to others.

As I spend more time in the Word, it also puts me in a better position to counsel young people as I listen to their stories, speak into their lives and support them emotionally and spiritually.

OtLIVE has also helped me gain confidence in speaking in front of people. I love teaching the big picture of the Bible in this fun way. And as I teach, I learn a lot from the young people and the joy and passion on their faces really inspire me.


We get great feedback about otLIVE, but probably one of my faviourite stories is from a young man called Themba. He told me:
“When you guys first came to my school with otLIVE, I thought it was going to be a waste of time. But it has really helped me to get into and love the Word of God.”
And I have heard good reports that the fruit of this is showing up in Themba’s life. He is now no longer a bully and is known as a peacemaker amongst his friends.


Teachers and headmasters are also positive about otLIVE. In fact, many schools invite us back again.


Welcome, you are a great inspiration. May God continue to enlarge your territory.


otLIVE teaches the big picture of the Old Testament in an exciting,

engaging way that helps children and adults develop a love for God and His Word.



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