This was the repeated and resounding refrain from attendees at a recent Crucible Live Event held at The Active Church in Johannesburg. All glory to God for this breakthrough in the lives of many!

As the event facilitator, Lynnette Stander, shares: “I so enjoy seeing people discover that there is often so much more to the stories we already know well. And that is precisely what happens during Crucible – as we see God at work in the critical choices that David faced.”

The event attendees shared their stories of God at work in their hearts during Crucible…

I have learnt that everything I go through is to prepare me for all that God has in store for me. This course has changed the way that I evaluate situations – in terms of (not) complaining, what I pray for and the decisions that I make. Crucible will change the way you think about the trials of life.


Crucible will help you understand the Bible better and actually put it into practice. I will be asking God to transform my heart daily because, as I have learnt, character is more important than image!


Crucible has helped me to really think about the difference between circumstance and truth in my life. It has encouraged me to communicate more with God – like King David did.


God spoke to me loudly and clearly during Crucible!

I was not here by chance! Everything we discussed I am going through. I will trust God completely.


Crucible has helped me to be patient – not looking for quick fixes. It will affect all areas of my life – including seeing the value of others, living with integrity and trusting God’s promises. Crucible will teach you to look outside the box!


I believe that what I have learnt in Crucible will affect my family relationships – because it only takes one person to inspire change!


Crucible taught me that God is really moved by a heart that pursues Him like King David did.


Crucible opens your mind to see the stories of the Old Testament (and the stories of your own life) in a new way.

This course has made me see the value of patience and integrity as I go through a “crucible” of my own.


Crucible provides insight on how to process the trials in our lives – and in that to become who God has called us to be.


I have learnt to embrace God’s process in my life!


Crucible has helped me to realize that Christ is the source of everything and not to lean on my own understanding. As I live this truth, everything will change – my decision making, the way I react to circumstances and my waiting for God’s timing. Crucible is an opportunity to change your life!


Crucible has given me better perspective on how to deal with the situations in my life – and to know that God is always there, even though He may not answer immediately. I will trust Him and wait on His direction.


I have been encouraged to have a heart that focuses on God only!


Crucible reminded me that hardship isn’t failure!


I have learnt to stop being a people pleaser, as God in more interested in my character.


Crucible helped me understand that God does everything for a reason. I need to persevere in prayer in every trial and reflect on the truth of God.


Crucible showed me how to see the good in every difficult time.


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