That’s over 100 00 people who learned the major people and events of the Old Testament while having fun! 


We’d like to introduce some of the team who taught otLIVE in schools…

We honour your enthusiasm and commitment to teaching God’s Word. Thank you for helping to ignite a passion for God’s Word in thousands of young people. 

Hear from one of the instructors about how otLIVE has been received in the schools…


“The participation from the learners was amazing! Kids love this! otLIVE definitely develops an interest and curiosity about the Bible in the children who attend. They learn in a fun and exciting way. In fact, they develop a passion for learning about the Bible.

Many of the children ask questions and identify with characters from the Old Testament. The hand signs are also really Important for remembering the big picture. I would like to pay tribute to the teachers who really help by regularly reviewing the material.”


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