otLIVE taught weekly to 7000 children across 40 schools in Malawi

otLIVE taught weekly to 7000 children across 40 schools in Malawi


We are grateful for the life change in the children and dedicated instructors who are always on the lookout for new schools. We also celebrate the provision of new bicycle tyres – bicycles being the ever important mode of transport to the schools!


God is using otLIVE to weekly change the lives of children in schools across Malawi.


“My name is Chisomo and I am a standard five learner. otLIVE has helped me not to fear the unknown. God can use me in a  mighty way as he used Gideon.”





“I am Deborah, a standard 5 learner. These lessons have helped me to obey God – just like Samson’s mother  who kept the commands the angel gave her about Samson. I also liked how Samson killed a lion with his hands.”





What the teachers at the schools are saying…

“Firstly, learners are able to apply these lessons in their Bible Knowledge studies – such that last term, they performed well in Bible Knowledge. Secondly, learners are able to narrate Biblical stories correctly because the lessons require a concept of memorization. This is enabling the learners to memorise and apply the knowledge and concepts gained to other subjects.The learner’s behaviour has also improved in aspects of politeness, giving and loving. The learners are able to show these Bible concepts to their fellow learners – for example, following God’s rule to love your neighbour. otLIVE has had a great impact at our school. Let it continue.”
~ Innocent, a standard 5 teacher

“These lessons have helped me a lot in my class in many ways. First of all, my learners have changed their behaviour and are taught how to behave as the children of God. It has simplified my work. Lastly, the program has encouraged our learners to come to school in large numbers – hence we appreciate these lessons at our school.”
~ Jean, a standard 5 teacher

“I was so impressed – I never thought that the children would learn as much as they did from otLIVE”

“I was so impressed – I never thought that the children would learn as much as they did from otLIVE”

This was the feedback from of one of the leaders of the Holiday Bible Club hosted by Lenasia Church of the Nazarene – where 1900 children participated in otLIVE over the course of the week.

Testimonies from some of the children…
I have learnt that God can make anything happen if you come to him in prayer. God is with you throughout the way. I really liked acting out the Bible with the hand signs and I understand the Bible better now. I didn’t go to Children’s Church before. I hope to go now.
~Caleb (12)


I never grew up reading the Old Testament – so I never understood about Abraham, Isaac and all those people. But now I have started reading the Bible for myself.
~Nicholas (12)


I am learning what I didn’t know before and I understand the Bible more. The lessons also reminded me about respecting God and helping each other.
 ~Shikar (14)


otLIVE makes me want to participate. The hand signs are so fun!
 ~Mishaelin (11)


Now I will be able to read the Bible.
~Keisha (11)


I felt good and normal being here. I like the story about Joshua. The lessons also reminded me about respect – and not dissing others and my parents.


~I will remember that it went well with Joseph because he obeyed God.
Shirley (12)


I like the story of Samson. It reminded me about not letting people force you into things. I also really enjoyed the hand signs and I can do them for my family. I am reading my Bible.


My favourite story was about Joshua and learning to be strong and courageous.
~Rethabile (10)


Jacob was a wrestler! That’s cool!
~Tiano (10)


I liked the explaining of the stories. Now the Bible will be easier to read.
~Ruwani (12)

I learnt about forgiving and not being cruel to others – like Joseph.
~Talicia (12)

I am happy to be here. I am learning to not swear and to show respect.

These hand signs will help me! I liked learning about Moses – and the waters parting and the staff and the snake. The stories teach me that we must obey God at all times.
~Andisa (10)


And from some of the volunteers…

I am a volunteer here and I have also brought my own kids to attend Holiday Bible Club. What is amazing is that the kids remember most of the otLIVE lesson and are really motivated. The hand signs really help.


The children are enjoying the hand signs. They pick them up easily, are learning quickly and are able to repeat them. They are really grasping the lessons from the stories.


The kids were enthusiastic and excited about otLIVE – eagerly anticipating what they were going to be taught next!


otLIVE really made the stories easier to understand. The actions and hand signs especially helped the kids.

And from others…

“I am learning so much from otLIVE. This has meant so much to me.”

“otLIVE is such an easy and light way to get through lots of content and to understand the Bible.”

“I take leave from work just to help here at the Holiday Bible Club!”

“I will remember the smiles on the kids’ faces. OtLIVE really helped to simplify things – I used to get stuck trying to remember everything!”


For more information on otLIVE please click here


“I am excited about the Old Testament! otLIVE was absolutely brilliant”

“I am excited about the Old Testament! otLIVE was absolutely brilliant”

A recent chilly Saturday morning at Northcliff Union Church started with coffee and muffins, but soon gave way to bold hand signs and much laughter and fun during the otLIVE event which was presented by Pastor Gavin Wood. 114 people had gathered to learn the big picture of the Old Testament using creative memory techniques and hand signs. By all accounts it was time well spent…

It’s great to be able to go straight into my next Bible reading session and understand how it all fits together! This really motivated me to read the Bible more and I will keep going through the hand signs. I also enjoyed learning more about the Bible characters. otLIVE really awakened something in me – and I want to pass that onto my son and share that.

~ Gavin Harrison

This was a mind blowing presentation! The Old Testament made sense and by the end of it everyone was still engaged. Absolutely not boring!

                                                                                   ~ Trevor Coleman

We tend to shy away from the Old Testament, but otLIVE showed how it all fits together. It gave context and understanding to go and read it for myself! It was also interactive and fun and we laughed! My kids had a blast and this was well worthwhile for the whole family. We can’t wait for the New Testament Live Event!

~ Fabian Nell

otLIVE was fun! I really enjoyed the actions.

~ Sean Nell (age 10)

otLIVE was absolutely brilliant. I am 73 and being able to go through and understand the whole Old Testament was of tremendous value. I am excited about the Old Testament! The level to which everyone participates during the event was wonderful. This was time well spent!

~ Mr Maurice Adams (age 73)

Some participants haven’t had as much fun since doing the actions to songs like YMCA! This was a great event, with excellent benefits in understanding a few thousand years of Old Testament history.

~ Denise Tilbury

otLIVE helped me to bond with people at church that I had not had time to meet before!

~ Anonymous


otLIVE helped me to feel more at home at church. I felt even more that I was right where God wanted me!

~ Anonymous

If you would like to increase your congregation’s big picture understanding (and enthusiasm) for the Old Testament, perhaps consider hosting otLIVE in your church.

Please click here for more information.

“I will keep going to these lessons to learn more of the good news of the Gospel”

“I will keep going to these lessons to learn more of the good news of the Gospel”

These stories of Memory and Lydia offer a glimpse into the LifeChange that Walk Thru the Bible instructors are bringing in Malawi…

Memory, a Grade five pupil at Katelera Primary School, has developed faith in Christ as she learns about biblical characters whose lives make sense in her cultural context. She has found particular significance in the story of Joseph. Though Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt, he ultimately forgave them and provided them with food to survive in a time of severe famine.

For children like Memory, who live in an area that is plagued by food insecurity, offering food – even after betrayal – is a powerful sign of forgive­ness and blessing. “I understand that it is not good to seek revenge – even when our friends do bad to us,” she says. “I have learned, through these lessons, that forgiveness and love go together. I have learned to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Through localizing a well-known Bibli­cal story, the Walk Thru the Bible instructors are making a powerful impact on children like Memory.

Another Malawian student, Lydia (name changed) has also en­countered Christ through the lessons she has learned. The Grade six pupil, whose family comes from another faith, shares: “I had previously been taught that women cannot be used by God, but in Christianity, women are used by God to do greater things! I will keep going to these lessons to learn more of the good news of the Gospel.”

Lydia’s mother wel­comes the lessons her daughter is learning because of the change in behaviour she has witnessed. As Lydia’s relationship with Jesus develops, she has chosen to remove herself from bad company and has begun to share the gospel with her classmates.

For Memory, Lydia, and many of their friends, these lessons are having a life changing impact.

Walk thru the Bible South Africa, in partnership with Walk Thru the Bible UK and Starfish, is involved in the ongoing training of full time otLIVE instructors in Malawi. These instructors teach the Bible in 30 Malawian public schools. Praise the Lord that these children are being taught the Bible in their home language, Chichewa, every week!

otLIVE teaches the big picture story line of the Bible in an interactive way – using fun hand signs and key words.

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Raise up a Child – getting to God’s heart on parenting!

Raise up a Child – getting to God’s heart on parenting!

Raise up a Child, a DVD course by Phil Tuttle, President of Walk Thru the Bible, conveys practical parenting wisdom from Luke 15’s Prodigal Son story. These principles are taught with humour and compassion, and offer much needed help and hope – both for parents and anyone involved in caring for and mentoring children.

Praise God that in Southern Africa, Raise up a Child has had application across the spectrum – in underdeveloped squatter camp areas, in more developed settings and in training caregivers in orphanages.

May you be encouraged by feedback from parents and care-givers that have done the course…

I believe that what I have learnt from this course was for me, my children and my community. As I reflect, I have not been a Godly role model in the bringing up of my children – because I was a control freak and did not allow my children to make their own choices. There was no dialogue, only my monologue! But through this course, I have come to my senses and the Father has not turned His back on me. I will, by the grace of God, have compassion and love, and with consistency parent my children. What touched me most was the compassion of the Father. I thank God for this opportunity to change my mind and repent!

~ Paula


I have seen how the prodigal son made a choice and suffered the consequences. I also need to allow my children to make choices. For children to take responsibility for their actions, they must be allowed to make these choices. As a parent, I want to model the compassion and consistency of the Father in the same way – both with my own children and with the children I encounter in my job as a social worker. This includes counselling parents, running feeding programmes and working with orphans.

~ Cleopatra


Growing up, I was abused by a close family member – someone who should have played a supporting role in my life. This deeply affected my thinking and I felt unworthy. I fell pregnant at the age of 17, but battled to bond with my son and initially rejected him. I was not prepared to be a mother! But now I know better. Raise up a Child has helped me in this. I am starting to change for the sake of my child. I want to be a better mother!

~ Anonymous


My work is with children. We feed 186 children nutritious meals – vegetables, meat, pap and rice. We also help with their social needs. Since doing the Raise Up a Child course, I have noticed my mistakes – making choices for my own kids and the children I am working with. I understand the importance of allowing children to make their own choices and letting them learn from their mistakes, as they face the consequences. We all know that children have rights; but rights go hand in hand with responsibilities. I have learned that we are not raising children, but adults. Each choice they make comes with a natural reward or consequence. Choices are the plan of God. We need to ask God about every choice we make. I also need to have compassion toward the children as they deal with their consequences, and not push them away. I have now learned better ways of parenting.

~ Nozuko


I thank God that even although I have no children of my own due to my health, He has placed many children in my life. I am involved in a feeding scheme for 500 children at a local primary school.  I learned a lot about how to deal with children through this course – and that it is a good thing to allow children, even if they are an orphan, to make their own choices.

~ Rose

This DVD course and other quality Walk Thru the Bible resources are available on the online store.




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