Working as a primary school teacher anywhere in the world is not an easy task. Teaching in Malawi, where resources are lacking and student-teacher ratios are high – as in many places in Southern Africa – is even more challeng­ing.

In Malawi, Walk Thru the Bible is bringing hope to this situation. Something that has the power to transform education by transforming hearts: God’s Word. Walk Thru the Bible South Africa, in partnership with Walk Thru the Bible UK and Starfish, has trained in­structors to teach over 5000 children in 27 Malawian schools in the current school year. Using the local language, Chichewa, these instructors teach BibleExplorer to the children in fun weekly lessons. The BibleExplorer lessons engage children in learning the big picture of the Old and New Testament using creative teaching techniques, key words and hand signs.

Two Malawian primary school teachers, Eric and Elizabeth, can attest to the success of Walk Thru the Bible’s ap­proach in their classrooms. Eric, a Standard five teacher at Katelera Primary School, says, “To me personally, these lessons have helped me to know that children can learn the Word of God while young. The hand signs are good because they make the lesson fun and help the children to learn the storyline of the Bible. This is impacting the children’s lives by helping them to start loving God and one another. We are reaching children in our local schools with the Word of God through this program…helping them to make better choices.”

Elizabeth, a deputy head teacher at another primary school, can attest to the impact of the Bible lessons on her students’ behaviour. “The behaviour of the learners has changed,” she says. “The learners are easier to manage. Now they have stopped bul­lying, teasing, and using abusive language. They have learned more about Christianity and the love of Christ.”

Walk Thru the Bible’s curriculum isn’t just mak­ing an impact on Malawian students. It’s also left its mark on the teachers themselves. “These lessons have encouraged my own life in spiritual areas,” says Eric. Elizabeth agrees, saying, “I have been attending the lessons and personally I have learned. This pro­gram has impacted my own life. Now I know about Jesus. I even know where Jesus preached the Gospel and how the prophets worked!”

Through making a personal impact on teach­ers like Eric and Elizabeth, Walk Thru the Bible has the opportunity to indirectly touch the life of every student who walks into their classroom. In this under re­sourced environment, this teaching is going beyond basic needs. It’s changing human hearts.

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