– profiling a Walk Thru the Bible-supported

children’s project in Gwara-Gwara

This project is facilitated by the Agape Family Church Beira and aims to meet the spiritual as well as the physical needs of people in Gwara Gwara in the Buzi District in Mozambique. Here lives have been severely impacted by recent floods. Families have been displaced, leaving many people homeless. Lives have been lost and infrastructure destroyed.

This farming project provides for the feeding of children and their immediate families. Beneficiaries are both members of the church, as well as villagers who are in need as a result of the floods or have been placed there by the Mozambican government. With support received, the Church has been able to buy organic rice seeds and food for the beneficiaries. People who are part of the programme are also now able to produce their own food.

The programme also ministers to the spiritual needs of the community. The wife of the pastor at the Gwara Gwara Church has been running an outreach programme and has customised the content of the Bible teaching to the challenges faced by the community. We are grateful that in spite of the many natural disasters and a growing number of beneficiaries, Agape has consistently been able to conduct sessions of the outreach programme.