Children’s day celebration with otLIVE

Children’s day celebration with otLIVE

The excitement of the children who gathered at Revival Impact World Church in Chief Albert Luthuli Park in Johannesburg on Saturday the 30th of November 2019 certainly matched the bright sunny weather. The much anticipated event was a Children’s Day Celebration.

The 60 children and their Sunday School teachers participated in otLIVE as they learned the big picture of the Old Testament. In between the sessions there was much dancing and singing – and certainly a party atmosphere.

As the Sunday School teachers shared:

“The children learnt so much from otLIVE and so did we! otLIVE also reminded us about engaging the children to make Scripture lessons more interesting. The more we make learning fun and interactive, the more we will engage the children as we disciple them. Children’s ministry was important to Jesus and it should be important to us too!

As teachers we have the great privilege to teach these children about God for they are the future ministers of His Word. otLIVE really helps them all to understand how the big picture of God’s story fits together.

The children had so much fun with otLIVE. They want to know when you are coming back!”


This was also one of the first otLIVEs taught by the newly trained otLIVE instructor, Welcome Ndlovu – who had just as much fun as the children.
As one of the Sunday School teachers shared: “The kids just loved Welcome. He has such a natural repoire with the kids.”











(Our grateful thanks to Joyce Nkosi from Revival Impact World Church for this feedback)

** ttt4c (turn the tide 4 children) which is associated with Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa were part of supporting this year end celebration.

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Interview with Gordon West, Founder and President of KidZ at Heart (KAH) Ministries

Interview with Gordon West, Founder and President of KidZ at Heart (KAH) Ministries

“KidZ at Heart (KAH) has as its aim ‘helping children fall deeply in love with Jesus’. Here in Southern Africa our partnership with Walk Thru the Bible has been so instrumental in launching our international ministry. The success of this partnership really was a big part in KidZ at Heart going global.

There is such a sense of God’s timing and favour in this partnership. Of great assistance were the existing structure and support networks that Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa were able to facilitate.

This partnership here in Southern Africa is now also a model for us, that we have tried to replicated in other regions.

By God’s grace, KidZ at Heart now does children’s ministry training in over 45 countries with over 10 000 teachers already trained. Over 3 million children worldwide have been impacted.


Here in Southern Africa our partnership with Walk Thru the Bible has been so instrumental in launching our international ministry.







Gordon West (right) pictured with Patrick McWhorter, head of KAH Africa Ministeries



Plans for Southern Africa

We now have local trainers in place in both South Africa, and more recently in Zambia – who are fully qualified to train the local people in the KAH modules. We are so excited to see them grow in ownership for their geographical area and developing the people there. Please pray with us as we now also start to develop this model in Malawi and Zimbabwe.”

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Profiling a ttt4c supported Children’s Project – Kairos Youth Centre

Profiling a ttt4c supported Children’s Project – Kairos Youth Centre

Kairos Youth Centre, run by Tabernacle Church of God in Christ in Tembisa, is supported on a monthly basis by ttt4c (turn the tide 4 children) – which is associated with Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa.


Zimkhithabang Mmotong, one of the Youth Centre leaders, explains:

“We currently minister to two groups of children in our local community. We run a children’s outreach and a separate program for teenagers called ‘Teen’s Chill’.

During both these programs we teach Gods word and involve the young people in worship and praise. Songs, dramas, dance and games are an important part of what we do. We also give the children snacks and treats. Initially, some of the children come for the refreshments, but they end up becoming part of our family as they learn about God’s love. So the food plays a big role in bringing the children in.

Our children come from a community which is mostly poor, with most parents working and not often at home. This leaves the children on the streets and unattended – and therefore vulnerable to all sorts of bad behaviour and influences.  We try to create a safe haven for these children. They can come to Kairos Youth Centre to do their homework with the help of an adult. The church gates are always open for the children to come in and play.

We also offer extra classes on Saturdays to help high school students with their school work. Some of the people who assist with these classes are university students, who were themselves once part of the outreach program to children and teenagers.

It is wonderful to watch them becoming responsible men and women – who love God and who are pursuing their dreams, while adding value to the community. Many have gone from being quite wild children on the street, to respectful and responsible young people in the community. It gives us great joy to know, that as we release them to adulthood, that they are going to make the world a better place.

We cannot but thank God for granting us an opportunity to minister to His beloved children.”




“I can trust Him even when it seems as if everything is falling apart”

“I can trust Him even when it seems as if everything is falling apart”

Detour – a Walk Thru the Bible Live Event – was recently presented to a group of Full Gospel Church student pastors in Johannesburg. The attendees all had different backgrounds, but shared, as we all do, experience in the detours that life presents. Detour, a study on the Life of Joseph, is specifically about finding purpose during these times when life doesn’t make sense.


Many of the students shared their feedback…

What great lessons for us all as we experience our own detours in life – and what a privilege to be learning these lessons just as we are starting out in ministry! The impact of Detour is best summed up by: this is what I need to know!’
~ Anonymous

Detour reminded me that God is always in control, and how God directs and prepares us for certain tasks. It has really changed my understanding of how God is with us – even in hardships – as I have personally battled obsessive tendencies. I have learnt to praise God, even through the tough times, to always trust in Him and, above all, to give Him the glory! He is true to His Word.  It is amazing to be reminded how Joseph’s life went from bad to worse – and to see what God did through him in the end.
~ Garion, Pretoria


It has been so good for me as a young man to look at the life of Joseph. The biggest impact for me has been choosing to make wise decisions that will please God.  This means choosing to resist temptation, at all costs, just like Joseph did – and also doing the right thing, even if it means facing hard times, as Joseph did in prison. Consistency is really key in this.
~ Siposethu Mtekwane


Detour helped me to remember that God has a specific plan for my life and that I can trust Him even when it seems as if everything is falling apart. The life of Joseph has reminded me to flee from sin and to shine my light by doing everything with excellence.  What an encouragement to always forgive, no matter what has happened.  Detour has helped me to apply the Bible to my own life – by learning from the life of one of the Bible’s heroes and seeing how they overcame.                                                                                                        ~ Thalana Jacobs, Centurion


I see Joseph modelling such humility at all times – he did not defend himself even when he was falsely accused. Detour has changed my life – I will be more humble and I will not harbour unforgiveness in my life.
~ Ronald Smith, Pretoria


This course has shown me that even when I face troubled times; God will always be the answer. I have learnt to seek Godly wisdom, to listen to the Holy Spirit more and to be more sensitive towards other people. Detour teaches Biblical principles in a practical way.                                                                                                                                                          ~ Student, Centurion


I know now that the lessons and skills that I learned during my ‘detour’ will be of value going forward. As someone who used to rely a lot on myself, God has taught me to run towards Him and not depend on myself. The Detour Live Event also specifically spoke to me regarding the choices that Joseph made – and his decision to run away from Potiphar’s wife. I have learnt that sometimes you have to know when to stand up and fight in your faith and when to flee. And that can only come from living a Spirit-filled life. I can really recommend Detour. This course brings Biblical principles into real life situations. This practical application helped me so much. The Holy Spirit will speak to you through it.
~ Student Pastor


Because of Detour I will start studying Bible characters more and learn from their lives. This Live Event will help you to better understand yourself, God and the things you go through!
~ Tkooiso Thupoemang, Kuruman, Northern Cape


My personal detour involved a delay in entering full time ministry – as I first spent difficult years serving in the Defence Force. Yet even now, I see the powerful lessons I learnt about forgiveness and unconditional love during this time. As I look at Joseph’s life, his personal integrity is also a great example to me. As I seek to live this out in my own life, I trust that the Lord will use this even as a witness to unbelievers.
~ Cobus, Polokwane


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“I spent seven years running away from ministry”

“I spent seven years running away from ministry”

Learning to connect my own story of detours with Joseph’s story – and ultimately God’s larger story of redemption.

Car salesman. Bakery manager. Truck driver. Cattle breeder. In total, 25-year old Simeon worked in 11 different jobs before he entered pastoral ministry.

“I didn’t find peace or joy in any of them,” he remembers. “I was never satisfied that I was living my life to the full. I had known at an early age that I was called to ministry, but I was running away.” As a pastor’s son, Simeon knew the challenges that came with the job. ” My father is a pastor and I had seen first hand some of the difficulties that life in the ministry brings.”

While working in his last job as a foreman on a farm, Simeon gained an undeniable conviction that God was calling him to pastoral ministry. After 11 jobs, he was finally ready. Now he is a full-time theology student at a seminary in Pretoria, and his life has never overflowed with more joy.

“As a full time student preparing to enter ministry, God has opened doors and provided for all my needs in such a way that I cannot doubt his calling on me,” he shares.

Recently Simeon joined a group of student pastors in Johannesburg at Detour, a Walk Thru the Bible Live Event that teaches on the life of Joseph in the Old Testament.

Simeon resonated strongly with Joseph’s story of ending up in an unexpected place at a young age. “I spent seven years running away from the ministry – something of a detour!” Simeon expresses.

“I learned through Detour that God’s timing is never going to be anything like my timing 
– and that I am to be patient even when I can’t see God’s work in my life.”










Simeon believes that God is calling him into young adult ministry, so he sees enormous value in Detour and in teaching young people the story of Joseph – especially those who are unsure about trusting completely in the Lord, as he once was. “God has shown me time and again that He has allowed certain things in my life so that my testimony can be cultivated and made strong,” Simeon has realized. As he shares his testimony with the young people to whom he ministers, he values resources like Detour that ‘bring biblical principles into real life situations’.

Through the Live Event Detour Simeon learned to connect his own story of detours and disobedience with Joseph’s story, and ultimately, God’s larger story of redemption. Now he feels more ready than ever to help others dive deeper into the Bible and discover a God that they can trust in life’s most painful detours.

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