God’s direction in desperate times - the biblical ART of survival

The “A.R.T.” of Survival


..explores the “A.R.T.” of survival in turbulent times and helps believers process how to think and live as we all wrestle with COVID-19 and an uncertain future. 

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The “ART” of Survival

We are living in a unique time in history with unique challenges because of the global pandemic. It’s a time of crisis all across the world. Crisis brings new dangers but also new opportunities. The church of Jesus Christ has historically made its greatest impact in times of crisis. Plagues during the first three centuries of the church were times when God‘s people nursed the sick back to health, boldly proclaimed Christ and were known for their good works. They befriended and loved all those who were suffering regardless of their background, race or religion.

Sociologist and professor Rodney Starks in his book “The Rise of Christianity“ credits the Christians response to these major plagues as the reason for its rapid and unexplainable growth in the first three centuries. By AD 313 when Constance was emperor 33 million of the 60 million people in the Roman Empire were followers of Christ. Their radical love, sacrifice for their fellow man and willingness to remain in cities filled with the plagues, when most of the officials and wealthy fled to the mountains, turned the Roman Empire from paganism to Christianity.

How did they do it? In the first century when the church was scattered throughout the empire because of persecution, James the half-brother of Jesus wrote to these new believers instructing them on “The ART of Survival.”

The circumstances in the first century are very much like what we are facing today all across the world. The pandemic has created health issues, economic issues, relational issues and emotional issues that require God‘s wisdom and instruction for survival and impact.

The “ART” of Survival is taken from James 1:1-12 and is composed of three vital components;

“A” is for ATTITUDE. We cannot control our circumstances but we can control our attitude and it makes all the difference in the world. James 1:2-4 teaches us to “consider it all joy when we encounter various trials” and then gives the reason we can do so and the process to do it.

“R” is for RESOURCE. The most important resource in a time of crisis is God‘s wisdom. The Hebrew concept of wisdom is not merely intelligence or knowledge but it’s the skill to live our lives according to God’s purpose and design. It’s knowing what to do, how to do it, when to do it and in what way to respond in the midst of challenging and difficult circumstances. James 1:5-8 reveals how to receive God‘s wisdom.

“T” is for THEOLOGY. James 1:9-12 provides a theology for both the rich and the poor that is counterintuitive to the kingdom and values of this world – a perspective and direction to endure hardship. In addition, it ends with a theology of reward and blessing for those who endure suffering by trusting God’s promises and follow God’s design in times of crisis.

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Joyful endurance.

How? Don’t ask why, ask what

We can’t control what is happening to us but we can control how we respond to it. Your attitude is everything. God provides specific instruction on developing the kind of attitude that allows you to persevere, endure and actually thrive in the most difficult of circumstances.


Supernatural wisdom

How to get God’s direction for impossible situations

In desperate times we often “get stuck”. We don’t know what to do or how. We want to know and do God’s will but we are in unchartered territory. Yesterday’s methods and plans often don’t work for today’s new problems. So what do you do?


Divine perspective

How to slay the dragon of discouragement

When we lose perspective we will succumb to discouragement. How do you get God’s perspective on your circumstance, your present situation and your future?

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