We are delighted for you to meet Sally Stumbles…

One of our team who help to make it all happen in the background 

Sally’s role is largely online, as an administrative assistant. She works part-time to help control, monitor, and track various systems and procedures – to help Walk Thru the Bible better meet its commitments and deadlines.


In her words:
This is really about assisting the processes that help to drive the mission of Walk Thru the Bible. This involves helping to ensure efficiency and ongoing communication with various people involved so that those ‘at the front’ can focus on the vision of igniting a passion for God’s word.

With a background as a trained teacher, I have been blessed with many different work opportunities in varied communities. Each of these roles has come with different responsibilities and challenges, which, with God’s guidance, have strengthened and grown me.

I have come to learn the importance of teamwork, organisational skills, and working towards the upliftment of lives in the community. The work I now do at Walk Thru the Bible is allowing me to both build on and use my past experience.


My journey as a Christian
When I was 9 years old, my parents sent me to a Scripture Union camp. At the end of a talk, I raised my hand to say ‘I wanted to follow Jesus’. However, it was only later in my high school years, that I realised what this commitment involved. I met a group of young people on a holiday and learned from them that following Jesus was a daily way of living. A solid Bible-based church and a year in Youth With a Mission also helped to give me a stronger foundation where my faith became more of a reality and lifestyle.


And lastly some fun facts …
I was born in a tiny desert town in Namibia – to this day I am most happy in a place of solitude in the middle of nowhere. My family and I have recently moved to Somerset West. We all love outdoor adventures, specifically hiking, camping, and time in the bush. This is where I am particularly aware of God and His magnificent creation.