Never underestimate the impact of one well-equipped Bible teacher!


Every year, Walk Thru the Bible trains and equips thousands of pastors and Bible teachers in some of the world’s most under-resourced regions. In Africa, Asia, and Latin America, more than 80 percent of these pastors have never received any formal training in leadership or theology. Some, in their congregations, may not even have a Bible. A severe shortage of training opportunities and resources, coupled with the exponential growth of Christianity in the Global South, has created an urgent and growing need.

As Walk Thru the Bible seeks to address this need through providing equipping and resourcing opportunities, we witness how God can use a single life to ignite passion for His Word in an entire region.

In rural Kenya, Pastor Christopher Bera is an individual who is making an enormous impact.
Kenya is home to more than 52 million people, and is the 48th largest country in the world by land area. As Pastor Bera travels to his churches, in rural areas and in places like Mombasa, he teaches Walk Thru the Bible’s Old and New Testament overview events (otLIVE and ntLIVE) to his people.


“When I was trained by Walk Thru the Bible, I learned so much. I began implementing what I learned from the training in my churches and in my ministry,” he said. “Walk Thru the Bible’s training has been a wonderful resource. otLIVE and ntLIVE have simplified the study of the Bible and all of our leaders understand it better. Many of these are pastors who have never received any formal biblical training. Now they can teach it to their people.”

He explains that by using Walk Thru the Bible training and materials, he has grown the leadership team in one area to more than 50 leaders, and about 30 of those leaders are actively involved in teaching in the churches and schools in their community. “This team is reaching more than 10 000 students and others every term,” he said.

He and his team have also planted a church in Kamasielo, a rural area in western Kenya. “This church started as a weekly meeting to discuss otLIVE and ntLIVE,” said Chris. “After a little while, the meeting attracted so many people from the area that they formed a church. By using Walk Thru the Bible teaching, that church has grown to 60 members.”

In Pastor Bera’s experience, Walk Thru the Bible offers a unique opportunity.
He recently traveled to Mombasa to visit his churches there. He introduced otLIVE to some of these small, home churches, which are also located in an area with many from another faith. “Walk Thru is an easy way to introduce people to the Bible, to open the church to people of other faiths,” he said. “We aren’t allowed to do a crusade or a revival in Mombasa, but we can teach this material. Just in that one area, we can reach 2 000 people a year.”

People are being grounded in the Word of God
By equipping Pastor Bera with high-quality biblical resources, Walk Thru the Bible is directly making a difference in countless lives in Kenya. He has a dream that in ten years, his team can reach at least 100 000 people in Kenya with Walk Thru the Bible. “When you teach Walk Thru the Bible’s materials,” he said, “it is like pouring oil into the Indian Ocean because it just goes, very quickly, to reach other places. Kenya will be different because of Walk Thru resources. People are being taught the Bible with true doctrine and in a very easy-to-understand way. They are becoming grounded in the Word of God.”

When one person has the resources they need to teach the Bible and to teach others to do the same, there’s no limit to the harvest their ministry will yield!

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