Fokus Deo, a High Impact Church in Modimolle, Limpopo, recently held a held a Silver Ring Thing Outreach in partnership with Walk Thru the Bible and Camp10.

Saturday, the 8th of July 2017, saw 300 teenagers from Phagameng, a local community in Modimolle, gather for the outdoor event. The abstinence message was taught in an engaging way using music and testimonies. At the end of the message, the teenagers were given the opportunity to both give their lives to the Lord, and to pledge abstinence until marriage. Those who made the pledge also received a silver ring as a reminder of their commitment.

“Being part of a group of people that believe in Purity was an amazing experience.”

According to Danny Doman, youth worker at Fokus  Deo: “Being part of a group of people that believe in purity was an amazing experience! We used social media to build excitement for the outreach and also put up posters and handed out flyers in town. This message of Silver Ring Thing is so relevant! Many of the teenagers who attended come from an environment where drugs, alcohol and pre-marital sex are part of everyday life.”

There were free hot dogs and cool drinks for all who attended. Free cell phone give-aways and games added to the festive atmosphere!

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