To further this goal, an Equip and Encourage (E2) Training Event was recently hosted in Limpopo, South Africa, for key children’s ministry leaders from Southern and Eastern Africa.

According to Terry Broberg, Walk Thru the Bible’s Global Children’s Ministry Coordinator:

“What made our training in South Africa special was that we had 21 children’s ministry leaders from 8 different countries in East and Southern Africa – including Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burundi, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The group included lawyers, teachers, pastors and others in children’s ministry – all united in their love for children and their desire to teach the good news of Christ.

We want to continue to be purposeful in reaching children for Christ, and the aim of these training events is to train key leaders to go back to their country – empowered and ready to teach children, and then go on to train others. We have already had similar training events in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

At this event, it was especially rewarding to see the group come in without knowing each other and then leave as an active team, ready to teach the Bible to children. In the weeks since the training, I have already heard encouraging reports of the number of children who have been taught.”

The focus of this event was training in ntLIVE (a live event that teaches the main people, places, events, and themes of the New Testament in a fun, memorable way). Many of these instructors are already teaching otLIVE (which teaches the big picture of the Old Testament in just two and a half hours).

The event was marked by creativity, unity, and times of spontaneous worship – always with the thought of ‘how would a child receive and experience this as we teach.’

May the Lord expand the territory of these men and women as they teach and reach many children for Christ!

Hear from a few of the attendees about the work they are doing across East and Southern Africa:

Godfriod Nzambimana (BURUNDI)
The time I had at the E2 event was both meaningful and helpful. The ntLIVE training was so important to me and to the ministry. We hope to start sharing these tools very soon. For me, ntLIVE will help us to evangelize children. I will not only teach the Bible stories but also each child will be given the opportunity to decide about their relationship with Christ

Pastor Yared Yacob (ETHIOPIA)

My passion for children’s and teen’s ministry was reignited. Ethiopia is a young nation. Our population is around 120 million. Of that, 41% (49.2 million) are under the age of 15. At this training, I saw there is much I can and should do in my church, city and country to reach the young generation.

Joshua Lwenda ( TANZANIA)

Understanding what a great tool ntLIVE is for the evangelism and discipleship of children really ignited my heart. The passion to see this taught properly in my country has come to me. I am looking forward to mentoring several groups so that, together, we can reach thousands of children in Tanzania.

Abraham Mabhena (ZIMBABWE)

Understanding there are so many different ways to apply self in teaching children was very insightful for me. The challenge to present meaningful and memorable teachings really inspired me. I also appreciated the direction we were given and being taught to use questions appropriately, involve the audience and to effectively use storytelling. Meeting new friends who are passionate about the Gospel was quite inspiring. I was energised to continue presenting the Word of God to children boldly.

Mark Mukuma (ZAMBIA)

I thank God for WTB, I had a special time at the E2 training. I was able to gain knowledge and skills from the different facilitators, which was meaningful and memorable. It has really transformed my life, and I desire to reach out to many children.


Being at this training was quite an experience for me. I enjoyed every moment of it. The teachings and the presenters we had were so effective. They taught us powerful truth. Also, the fellowship with each other was great. I loved evaluating one another as a team. We created an environment in which to do that. I think the whole time made a serious impact. I look forward to applying everything I have learned and to taking this teaching to many children in our area.


Both otLive and ntLive are very powerful tools. We have something to really change the world.

For more information about otLIVE and ntLIVE, please click here.