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Description of HIN Requirements

The HIN members are encouraged to support and help each other, especially in areas of expertise and ability. WTB plays an active role in facilitating this and making resources available to grow and strengthen your ministry.

How to Grow a High Impact Church Leadership Course

Although every church is unique, there are some God ordained principles that apply to all churches which help initiate, direct, and measure your church’s IMPACT in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and the world.
This church leadership course by Chip Ingram, help you discover how to transform your local church into a healthy, holy HIGH IMPACT church. Chip Ingram has identified 12 culturally relevant, powerful principles successful High Impact Churches consistently apply to grow and make a difference.

This course is the foundation of being a HIN Member to ensure your focus on growing a church of IMPACT.

WTB Church Campaigns

A church campaign is an effective ministry planning tool involving all or the majority of the congregation. By encouraging the whole congregation to follow the church campaign theme, the effect of the church campaign is seen throughout the church, especially in the following areas:

  1. The church campaign creates a sense of
  2. UNITY amongst members are increased.
  3. Church growth is stimulated through attracting and CONNECTING new VISITORS.
  4. Church members’ SPIRITUAL GROWTH
  5. A church campaign can be summarized in one word: FOCUS

Vulnerable Children’s Ministry

Children in Sub-Saharan Africa face many challenges. Even in the best of circumstances, children are vulnerable because they are powerless to care for themselves and depend on adults to meet their needs. But children living in poverty and without parents are extremely vulnerable.

Working with Turn the Tide for Children, HIN Members are expected to meet the needs of these children in the most effective and sustainable way possible.

Teach Every Nation Campus

Teach Every Nation (TEN) provides innovative Christian education tools to equip pastors to effectively shepherd their local churches for community impact.

This is done by starting or enhancing an in-house training school in your local church. Your church members are equipped for impact through life changing and practical training in a flexible DVD teaching format.

Walk Thru the Bible Training Material

For more than three decades, Walk Thru the Bible has created discipleship materials that are reaching millions of people all over the world.

Our resources enable the church to do the work of the ministry through live seminar events, print publications, devotional materials, small group resources, and children’s ministry materials.

HIN Bi-Annual Review

As part of WTB’s commitment to add value to your ministry, we want to assist you in measuring the effectiveness of your ministry. Therefore, we do a Bi-Annual review with you based on the following criteria:

  • Size of Ministry – Number of People Attending
  • Impact of the Ministry (WAR Stories)
  • Status of Projects
  • WTB Courses
  • Ministry Needs Analysis

The details of this review will be discussed in more details during the initial HIN meeting, (see “How do I join” below) should you decide to pursue High Impact Network membership.

WTB acts as a facilitator of HIN and defines IMPACT as follows:

  1. Lost People are coming to faith Christ;
  2. New Believers are grown to maturity; and
  3. Significant community needs are met by the local church.

Through the High Impact Network, WTB wants to enable the Member Churches to do the work of the ministry, whereby every part does its share to see:

Every Community Impacted!